Conference Highlights

Keynote Speakers

We are extremely excited to announce that Manoj Vasudevan and John White will be the keynote speakers for this years conference.

Manoj Vasudevan was the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2017. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of leadership and will be delivering a keynote speech on: How to become a leader that others admire and follow.

Jon White who will be delivering a speech on Overcoming Adversity, will share his emotional story of how he overcame his life changing injuries.


Friday 3rd May

Sam Warner

Applying Altruism to Autism

Sam is a communication specialist who helps people get their message across by opening up their minds, shows them how to interact with an audience and then influence them to take action. Using 20 years of corporate experience coupled with her degree and expertise in Autism in adults, she helps friends, family and co-workers with communication and behaviour miss-matches; including providing an unofficial diagnosis service for adults who think they may be Autistic.  A professional speaker, Sam delivers speaking events, and keynotes on Aspergers, Stagecraft and Feedback at international conferences and is also MC and Licensee for TEDxTelford.

Gavin Meikle

7 Secrets for Business Success

Gavin Meikle is a professional communication and influencing skills specialist who has helped thousands of managers and business leaders develop their impact and influence. His workshops are always engaging, entertaining and educational.