Business Breakfast

New for 2018

Toastmasters are putting on their annual spring conference which will be packed with learning and self-development opportunities. As part of this year’s conference, a new exciting initiative has been launched in the form of a business networking breakfast event.

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 Time  Item  Person
 7am  Registration, Breakfast & Networking
 7:18am  Call Meeting to Order  Terry Edwards
 7.20am  Kick Off  Paul Imre
 7.22am  MC / TM  Lindsey Thomas
 7:24am Building a $1BN Cyber Business  Mark Plummer
 7:30am AI Talk / Workshop  Deepinder Chhabra
 7:55am Cyber Talk / Workshop  Charlotte Brennan
 8:30am How Augmented Reality Impacts Our Lives  Ula Howett
 8:45am Interactive Q &A  Eddie Maguire
 8.55am Meeting Close
 9.00 am Room Handover


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