Augmented Reality is Now, Today and is a Big Part of Our Future

augmented reality

Augmented reality, AR, is a growing area of technological development that has great potential for future applications. In the simplest terms, AR is an information overlay on top of physical reality that is displayed via a screen such as a smartphone or some type of display accessory such as specialized glasses. As AR improves the amount, type, and update frequency of displayed information will continue to improve. There are many industries that will find a use for AR technology here are some potential ways that it can be implemented.

Four Potential Applications of AR

  1. Translation Tools: this is an application that you will certainly find useful if you travel to other countries. AR overlays can ‘read’ text in a foreign language and provide a translation in real time. This will make reading street signs, business displays, and other posted information far easier to understand and saves time on manual translation. In time as AR improves entire blocks of text will be translated more accurately and quickly as well. Other implementations could possibly include text to speech and speech to text applications.
  2. Decoration And Interior Design: arranging furniture in a home or office is often a very heavy game of trial and error. With an AR overlay, you can place virtual furniture into a room. These properly scaled AR furniture pieces give you an idea of what a finished project will look like. This not only saves time on furnishing a room but it can also help retailers and reduce returns as buyers will be more informed on what they need.
  3. General Information: an AR overlay can provide you will all sorts of useful information as you walk through a city center. For example looking at a restaurant can pull up customer reviews, average wait time, prices, dietary concerns, and other useful information. These overlays can also provide information about other retail businesses, give directions, tell you how far away a location is in terms of walking time, provide localized weather reports on the go, and more.
  4. Automobiles And Travel: AR can be applied to GPS tools to give exact information such as turn locations overlaid on the road in front of you or responding to ongoing construction and traffic concerns. It can also help in more mundane ways such as showing markers to make finding your car in a crowded parking garage far easier.

These are just some of the ways AR reality can be applied. In addition to the quality of life improvements listed above, you will also see applications of AR in machine learning, various industries, and cutting-edge fields such as 3D printing.

To Learn More

The potential of augmented reality is vast and the changes it can bring to just day to day life is truly impressive. Technology is advancing at a fast rate cyber technology, security, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality are just some of the key areas of development that will shape how you interact with technology in both your professional and personal life. You can learn more by attending business networking events and becoming an active participant in these technology-based discussions.


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Ula Howett:    @USuperConnector